The Planet Series is divided into subseries


This collection takes a spiritual look at planets.

I use gold leaves to highlight them, like Christian Orthodox believers do with their icons.

 « Planets » for me is a way to share my interpretation of religion.

We live in a paradoxical world where we look for constant updates and validation through social networks and people interactions. In this same society however, age-old beliefs and religions have remained unchanged for centuries and seem to be gaining popularity. An increasing amount of people extract their own outdated or fanatical version from these beliefs, sometimes even using social networks to disseminate them.

We have forgotten the indigenous religious movements and cultural beliefs for which entire civilisations died for, and which are now extinct. The Maya peoples used to carry out human sacrifices. Those who won ball-and-court games even had the self-styled honour to be sacrificed.

In my humble opinion, religion is merely an alienation from humanity and the return to Earth is vital to calm down this darkening mood around us. In this case, Earth takes a literal meaning which refers to the soil where we hail from.

It is therefore the only thing in which humans can believe in with absolute certainty.

It is by looking at our environment with the same lenses as believers look at their religions that we can tame the fever which our Earth suffers from at the moment, and that many refer to as global warming.